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Morgan Ladyman WIL radio 1st place winner       Cassidy McNeal WIL radio 1st place winner      Emma Reinagel Oakville's Got Talent

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      About Us

About Us


All Tooned up was started when Joe Zarkie realized the amazing talent at some of the Zarkie Music recitals. He first began working with Paige Pommer and other vocal students weekly on performance classes. As the weeks went by, more students began to join. Joe soon realized that Paige was getting good enough to go to the next level again. Because of this, he began another weekly activity at Zarkie Music: the School of Rock program. By recruiting some of Shelly Koesterer’s students and adding a few others, the band was formed.


2014 Update:

While the original members of All Tooned Up have moved on, the bands continues to grow, change, and improve. The current lead vocalists are Cassidy McNeal and Morgan Ladyman. Cassidy plays guitar and bass on several songs, and Morgan plays keyboard on others as well. Emma Reinagel is mainly on keyboard, but she also has a few songs on guitar, bass, and vocals. James Haller has taken over as bass player and is a vocalist as well. Hannah Kilwin was recently added on drums and has improved greatly over her short time with ATU. 

The members of the band have a great range of talents and achievements in music and elsewhere. Cassidy won the WIL 92.3 Dereoke contest last year and Morgan did the same this year. They both get the chance to perform with several different recording artists at the Family Arena. All Tooned Up will continue to work to get their name out into the world of music and will be releasing a CD in the near future. 

Band Members

Lead  Vocal                Cassidy McNeal               

Lead  Vocal                  Morgan Ladyman

Bass                             James Haller

Keyboard / Vocal          Emma Reinagel                                                                 

Drums                          Hannah Kilwin  

Guitar                           Corey Parsons         

Manager/Agent:           Joe Zarkie          314-610-3488