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Morgan Ladyman WIL radio 1st place winner       Cassidy McNeal WIL radio 1st place winner      Emma Reinagel Oakville's Got Talent

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 Cassidy McNeal  (Lead Vocal) 

Cassidy has always wanted to be a performer, even as a toddler she was singing. At age 10 she started guitar lessons at Zarkie Music. When she performed at the annual Christmas recitial at age 12, Joe Zarkie spotted her talent immeadiately. The next day he called her parents to see if she wanted to work her way into the teen band "All Tooned Up", where she started working even harder learning how to perform as well as her improving on her vocals. Since then she has performed many professional engagements and competitions, including in October of 2013 where she entered a vocal competition for WIL radio and won 1st place. She went on to perform at the Family Arena "Jingle Fest " with recording artist Jana Kramer, Dustin Lynch, and Thomas Rhett. Then in January of 2014, she performed with All Tooned Up on the Fox 2 9am TV show. She has recently went to Nashville and performed at the world renound Tootsie's and as of now she is very excited about her future in music. She has plans for a CD in the near future.



 Morgan Ladyman  (Lead Vocal - Keyboard) 

Hi!  My name is Morgan Ladyman.  I am 15 years old and I am a freshman at Gibault Catholic High School in Waterloo, IL.  I currently play on the Freshman, Junior Varsity, and Varsity basketball team and play volleyball in the Fall.  Although you usually see me performing in theater or singing with A Cappella, I am very excited to be part of All Tooned Up as a vocalist and a keyboard player! A big shout out to Joe, Cassidy, and all other band members for making me feel so welcome.  This has always been my dream to be in a band and I'm looking toward to making memories.

Update 2014: Morgan went to Nashville to audition for "The Voice", where she made the first round. She was asked to return to Nashville the following Tuesday, where she also made that round. As of this update, everything is looking good for her to appear on TV very soon, in the mean time she keeps working very hard with ATU on her performance skills as well as vocals. 

Update 2015:   Morgan continues not only becoming a great perfomer/vocalist and band mate, but she has also won the WIL radio vocal compitition for 2014 the same compitition that co-vocalist Cassidy Mcneal won in 2013. She also has performed for Jinglefest  at the Family Arena for over 10,000 fans, and has shared the stage with Cole Swindell, Chase Rice, The Swon Brothers, and RaeLynn. This compitition had hundreds compete. If you haven't heard Morgan sing, you are missing not only the growth of a future star, but one of the sweetest, most humble people I had ever met.


Emma Reinagel      (Keyboard - Lead Vocal)    

My name is Emma Reinagel and I am fourteen years old. I have played piano since the second grade and started playing guitar three years ago. I sang with the Kirkwood Children’s Chorale and have performed with the choir at the Fox Theater in the Nutcracker, as well as with the St. Louis Brass, the St. Louis Philharmonic, and in a tour of Ireland. In my free time I love to draw, sing, play guitar, play piano, and write. I love writing songs in particular and I have won 3rd and 2nd place in COMP (Creating Original Music Project) at Mizzou in the past two years. I enjoy a variety of kinds of music. It has always been one of my dreams to be in a band and it is great to be able to do so. I love music and I can’t see myself doing anything else.

Update 2014: Emma is such an amazing young talent. She continues to impress everyone in ATU now she is even becoming a fantastic guitarist, as she continues improving her vocal and keyboard skills. Emma has written a number of very cool songs that will be on the CD All Tooned Up will be recording very soon.


James Haller (Bass - Lead Vocal)


Hannah Kilwin (Drums)

My name is Hannah Kilwin and I am 16 years old. I am a sophomore at Waterloo High School in Waterloo, Illinois. I started playing the drums a few years ago. In my free time I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, and hanging out with friends. I love a wide variety of music. I have always wanted to be in a band and enjoy playing with a group. Not to long ago I became the official drummer. I am looking forward to going on more gigs to perform and to make more memories.



Corey Parsons (Guitar)

Hi, I am Corey! I am a senior at Oakville High School. I am on the cross-country team and varsity wrestling team. I have always loved music but mostly listening to it and could never leave the house without my headphones. I listen to a wide variety of music but mostly country and classic rock. I started playing guitar about a year ago. I received my first guitar as a Christmas present  a few years ago and I never really knew what to do with it. One day last year my little brother picked the guitar up and started to take lessons at Zarkie's Music Store. He would come home and teach me what he was learning. Soon I was also taking lessons and had a guitar of my own. Although my little brother doesn't play anymore, I have fallen in love with my guitar. After a while Joe invited me to come to an All Tooned Up gig and after seeing them perform I knew that this was something I really wanted to do. I have been practicing with the band ever since. I will be attending a near by college next fall and I am looking forward to staying with and playing with the members of All Tooned Up, who are now like a family to me.




Joe Zarkie  (Guitar - Manager - Booking Agent)

At the age of 8, I saw Elvis for the very first time. I knew right then all I wanted to do was play guitar.
We had 6 kids in the family, and it was a very poor family. So poor, in fact, the house we lived in was left to my mom from a deceased uncle. So at the age of 9 my mom found a acoustic guitar at a pawn shop for $11.00 that I got for Christmas. After getting the guitar, the only way I was going to learn to play was to find people who knew how to play, since lessons were out of the question. We had a milk man who would stop every few days to deliver milk, who he played guitar, and every time he stopped by I would ask him to teach me something on guitar.

When I turned 11, I started setting pins at a bowling ally, and I would bring my guitar every day hoping someone would come in that could teach me more about guitar. Soon several bowlers came in as I learned the basics of guitar, and I was invited to bbq where I was asked to bring my guitar. There was a blind drummer at the bbq. When he heard me play he asked me to join his band, however I would need an electric guitar and amplifier. I was 15 at this time and knew we couldn't afford the equipment needed for the band. I had told my mom about the band and the guitar I needed, and she told me we just didnt have the money. However we did have the house that she would put a mortgage for $1000.00. I could buy the equipment I needed, but the only way was if I paid the mortgage payment every month. She also told me if I didn't make the payments, we would not have a house to live in. I agreed. We soon started playing gigs for $10.00 per man - per night. I had paid the mortgage off at age 22.

I went on to perform for over 30 years. In my early 40's, I was getting tired of performing gigs every weekend, and I started teaching guitar in my basement. Within a year, it had exploded, and I hired a second instructor to teach with me. We had so many students at the end of one year, so my wife suggested to open a retail store (we had over 100 students a week by then). Within two years we opened a second store in Columbia Il, but during all of this my true passion had been become teaching, especially woking with youngsters developing their talent in performing on stage in a band format. I gathered many of the advanced students teaching them what I had learned in my over 30 years experience as a performer and that was the start of " All Tooned Up ". These young teens, after many years of hard work, have become professional entertainers themselves, performing many venues, When you hear and see them, it is a totally amazing experience the show a bunch of teens can put on. The biggest problem they have is the stereotype when adults hear this is a teen band they think of a grage screamo band, but that is so far from what they do. Come see their next show and you will see what I mean.



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